REVOLVE Preacher Curl Bench

REVOLVE Preacher Curl Bench

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  • Features

    • 10 year frame warranty
    • 7 seat height adjustments
    • 6 J hook positions
  • Specifications

    • Material 75mm x 75mm Tube
    • Length 1308mm
    • Height 1017mm
    • Width 1066mm
    • Weight 91kg
    • SKU


Bicep curls are an essential tool in building those big peaky arms we all strive for. While there are many variations, the Preacher Curl is sure to be a staple in every bodybuilders repertoire.  The Bench Fitness Preacher Curl Bench is the Preacher curl bench in its ultimate form. Built Strong like only Bench Fitness does, the Revolve Preacher Curl Bench is built using the toughest materials.

The Revolve Preacher Curl Bench comes with a fully height adjustable seat, adjustable high density plastic coated Revolve J-Hooks and an adjustable foot rest. We worked with professional bodybuilders to fine tune the angles of the Revolve Preacher Curl Bench to ensure you get the most out of it.

Built Strong as only Bench Fitness can, the Revolve range offers fully customizable colours and branding upon enquiry.