REVOLVE Sissy Squat

REVOLVE Sissy Squat

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  • Features

    • 10 year structural warranty
    • 2 adjustment points
    • 1 inch black zinc bolts
    • Bench wrench included for easy assembly
  • Specifications

    • Material 75x75 steel tube main frame
    • Length 1197mm
    • Height 528mm (max)
    • Width 666mm
    • Weight 40kg
    • SKU


Strong legs make strong athletes. While there’s a vast selection of leg exercises, very few if any isolates the quadriceps as effectively as Sissy Squats. Don’t be fooled by the name, any athlete that has ever tried these know they are not for sissies. By comfortably securing your legs in a safe manner, the Revolve Sissy Squat allows you to perform these in a safe way without the risk of serious injury. Sissy squats also offer amazing benefits for strengthening knee tendons and ligaments to ensure great longevity and vitality as we get older and also reducing the risk of injury while doing more intensive compound movements.

The Bench Fitness Revolve Sissy Squat comes with height and reach adjustments for the high density foot pads to ensure athletes of all sizes can comfortably use it. With a grippy non-slip baseplate the Revolve Sissy Squat offers added security ensuring you wont’s slip. The Revolve Sissy Squat also comes with roller wheels to ensure easy movement should you choose to move it.

Built Strong as only Bench Fitness can, the Revolve range offers fully customizable colours and branding upon enquiry.